it's not complicated

You need insurance. This is especially true for parents, drivers, workers and business-owners. Get individual service from our team of insurance experts just by answering a few short questions.

neighbors and advocates

We are an independent agency serving customers in MD, PA, VA, WV and DE. The beauty of being an independent agency is our unique position as an advocate for the customer with insurance carriers.

local and convenient

Using a local agent shouldn't mean giving up on the 21st century. Get live, online support from a VIG agent. You can come in any time or just click here to chat with us.

Superior in Service.

We have served clients throughout the region and we commit ourselves to providing better insurance service at better prices than our competitors. This means that our customers pay less in premiums and worry less in the event of a loss.

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The first step to becoming an Insured at VanDyke Insurance Group is getting a free quote. Get a Quote now!


If you would like to talk to a human, you can always use our online chat feature at the bottom of every page.

More than one carrier

We're independent so we aren't shackled to a single company. We work with several carriers to give you more options!

Rest Easy

We will monitor renewals and guide you so when the unforeseen occurs, you and your family will be protected.

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Bo is the boss.
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Perryville office
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Agent at Rising Sun office
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Commercial Accounts
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Agent at Rising Sun office.

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Agent at Rising Sun office.
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Rising Sun Reception
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agent at Rising Sun
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